DefineU is all about breaking down the barriers of mental health. We aim to educate people so that they are better equipped to help those who suffer. Those who struggle with mental health issues often struggle in silence, and it is up to those around them to help when they reach out. Learn more about how you can be a champion of mental health and help us move towards being stigma free!

How We Help

Workshops & Programs

Our stigma-free programs are custom designed so students, teachers and parents can become properly equipped to help those suffering from mental health issues. These programs can be taken as an individual or in small groups. Over the course of the workshop you will better understand mental meath, how to properly communicate with individuals and the resources available as you work towards becoming stigma-free. We also offer small group workshops such as Stigma SLAM and Stigma-Open Dialogue for a more direct approach.

Awareness Campaigns

Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words, awareness campaigns have the power to educate the many in a meaningful way. We have rolled out mental health  awareness campaigns at Universities, Colleges and organizations across the country. Working with our partner organization we can help to develop the largely successful My Definition campaign at your school or organization. We can also work directly with your organization to create a customized and creative awareness campaign that will be sure to engage.

Speaking Engagements

Spearheaded by our founder, our speaking engagements are customized to each topic and audience to better engage your group. Speaking topics include: mental illness (particularly depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, ADHD, and trichotillomania), stigma reduction, self-care, leadership, LGBTQ rights (particularly issues related to bisexuality), and feminism. The presentation’s goals are to help educate your group, create an open dialogue, and to be inclusive and engaging for participants.



"DefineU helps individuals and groups break through the stereotypes of mental health and foster an open and inclusive environment. Even the smallest actions can make a difference for those suffering and the more educated we become on the topic, the better we are at helping those in need. Together, we can break the silence."

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