About The Founder

Lee Thomas - The Stigma Crusher

Lee was born and raised in Whitecourt, Alberta, a small town about 200 kilometers north of Edmonton. From a young age she was heavily involved in athletics, academics, and extracurriculars, and these interests continued into her teen years. However, during her teen years, she also began battling a mental illness. Feeling scared and alone, Lee struggled silently for many years. Her illness worsened throughout her high school years and continued into university, until Lee finally sought help and began the difficult process of recovery.

Recovering from mental illnesses and learning to live with the diagnoses of bulimia nervosa, bipolar disorder, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are no easy tasks. However, Lee has partnered her recovery with what she’s always loved to do, and has continued to be involved with groups ranging from the student newspaper to residence life to the Student Union. Through the Student Union, she founded the #MyDefinition movement, which aimed to represent the variety of faces of mental illness on her campus. (You can see the posters at mydefinitionunb.com).

Recovery is an ongoing process, and Lee would never say that she is “recovered”. However, she is at a point in her life where she feels ready to share her story and empower other people to break the silence of mental health stigma. When Lee was younger, no one talked about mental illness. Of course, now she won’t shut up about it.

Lee does workshops and presentations all across the country and is available to come speak at your school or organization. If you are interested in booking an engagement or want to learn more please visit her website!