Awareness Campaigns

Customized Awareness Campaigns To Reach Your Audience

Awareness campaigns are a great tool for reaching large numbers of people as well as creating a a conversation about mental health. We understand that audiences will vary which is why our campaigns are uniquely designed to meet the needs of each organization. Our most popular program is the #MyDefinition campaign which we operate through our partner organization. This poster campaign features individuals from your organization and is supported by a robust social media presence.

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We follow a three step plan to ensure that the awareness campaign reaches your audience in an effective manner. By working closely with your team and pulling on our past successes we can guarantee that you will properly educate and bring awareness about mental health within your organization.

Our three steps for awareness campaigns:

Consultation & Strategy Development

We start by consulting with your team to gather information and determine your overall goals for the campaign. We then take this information and develop a strategy that fits your organizations’ needs and provides guidance for the campaign.

Collateral Design & Planning

Once we have a strategy we start developing the collateral and graphic designs to be used during the campaign. Each campaign is different and our team will take care of the photography, graphic work, and any other design elements for the awareness campaign.

Campaign Execution

Finally we launch your new awareness campaign. Following the steps laid out in the strategy we work to engage your audience through physical print designs, online discussions and/or mental health events and presentations.

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